I Just Tried Windows 10’s Meet Now Feature and I’m Sold

Everybody agrees 2020 has been a totally crazy year, and one thing that many of us had to do in the last months was to move our office at home and try to work remotely for as much as possible.

This makes sense given the global health issue, but many of us were caught unprepared for the whole thing, especially because we didn’t have the software arsenal in place to deal with such a transition.

One of the essential things we had to do when working remotely was staying in touch with colleagues, and this is why the adoption of products like Microsoft Teams and Zoom simply skyrocketed this year.

Microsoft, however, tried to make video calls as convenient as possible on several fronts, not just when it comes to Microsoft Teams. And one way the company managed to do this was Meet Now, a new feature integrated into Windows 10 and which makes it possible to set up a video call with someone over the Internet in a matter of seconds.

“Meet Now in Skype allows you to easily s… (read more)

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