I don’t want another Netflix adaptation—I want Mega Man Legends 3

Screenshot from Mega Man video game.

(credit: Capcom)

Netflix seems to be on a mission of late. The streaming brand has been on a near-rampage, sourcing Japanese content with nostalgic appeal and turning it into live-action content with the “Netflix original” stamp. There’s always trepidation when hearing about an adaptation of an old favorite, but the latest Netflix adaptation I heard about stings more than usual. Not because I’m outraged by casting choices, character omissions, or use of heartless CGI—we haven’t gotten that far yet. It’s because I’ve been waiting for a different addition to the Mega Man franchise for nearly (gulp) 22 years.

When I hear the phrase “new Mega Man,” I presume it’s going to be the announcement of a new video game, and deep down, I always hope that announcement is Mega Man Legends 3. Decades later, I and many other fans are still holding out for a follow-up to the two PlayStation games (they were eventually ported to a few other platforms, including Windows) that challenged, entertained, and mesmerized me starting in 1998.

Since Mega Man Legends 2 came out in 2000, Capcom has offered me small return trips to the Mega Man universe, including 2001’s Mega Man Battle Network series and 2018’s Mega Man 11. But none continued—or, better yet, completed—the detailed, mysterious story of the Legends games, whose lore is loaded with themes of myriad familial bonds, independence, ingenuity, and coming of age.

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