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How to Maximize Your Device’s Battery Health, the Microsoft Way

If you have a Microsoft Surface PC or a laptop that has a battery in it, you probably noticed that the more you use it, the more the battery life goes down.

In other words, the autonomy that you get with a full charge keeps going down, and this is due to a process known as battery degradation.

Lithium-ion cells age over time and because of use, so the actual capacity of a battery decreases, eventually forcing users either to recharge their devices much more often (because the battery life per charge is lower) or to get a brand-new battery for their computer.

The latter option is the one that makes more sense, though it goes without saying it’s not affordable at all. And in many cases, it can’t be done at home either, so you need to reach out to professional services to have your laptop battery replaced.

Microsoft, however, has a series of recommendations for PC owners, explaining that one way to extend the battery is to keep it charged between 20% and 80% as much… (read more)

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