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How to Generate a Detailed Battery Report in Windows 11

Windows 11 comes with many great improvements, including tabs in File Explorer and a significantly upgraded Task Manager, but at the same time, it also packs features that you don’t normally observe at the first glance.

For example, while the battery information that you see in Settings or in system tray is just basic and only shows the current level for your device, Windows 11 can also generate a more detailed battery report.

As you can easily figure out, this report includes much more information about the battery in your device, including here the estimated capacity.

And as Apple itself has taught us after the iPhone scandal that caused so much controversy, the battery capacity is extremely important, as it could lead to all kinds of problems with the device, including unexpected shutdowns.

The batteries in our devices, be they smartphones, tablets, or laptops, degrade over time, so their capacity would slowly go down. In some cases, a worn-out battery could e… (read more)

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