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How to Enable the Secret “Trade-in or Recycle Your PC” Section in Windows 11

Microsoft continues to refine Windows 11 with the help of the Windows Insider program, and the most recent preview build seems to include a feature that the company has already confirmed it’d be coming sooner or later.

A new section in the Settings app allows users to “Trade-in or recycle your PC,” essentially making it easier for users who want to purchase a new computer to do this right from the comfort of their own desktop.

The menu first made its way to Windows 11 earlier this year in the Windows Insider program, but Microsoft pulled it rather fast, promising to bring it back at a later time.

It now looks like the software giant is ready to restore this section, as the code to get it up and running is already available in the latest Windows 11 preview build shipped to users enrolled in the Dev channel of the Windows Insider program.

To enable it, all you need is to download Vivetool and browse to the root folder. Open your favorite terminal app and run the fo… (read more)

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