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How to change the Wi-Fi network on Apple HomePod and HomePod Mini

Without a wireless connection, your Apple HomePod or HomePod Mini is essentially useless. Most of its functionality is delivered via the cloud, not least of it which is playing your favorite tunes from one of its compatible music services. For that, you need Wi-Fi.

Most of the life of your HomePod will be spent connected to the same network. However, there could well be a time that you need to change that. Perhaps if you move, or simply buy a new router. Your HomePod will need to recognize the new network. Fortunately, there’s not much to it, so follow along.

How to ensure your HomePod is on the right Wi-Fi network

Switching Wi-FI networks on the HomePod

There was a time that switching networks on your HomePod would have likely required a factory reset. Fortunately, there’s no need for that, and making sure things are switched over is actually quite straightforward.

When you initially set up your HomePod, it automatically connects to the same wireless network as your iPhone. This is true throughout the life of your HomePod, so really, all you need to do is ensure your iPhone is on the network you want to use and your HomePod should follow.

However, that isn’t always the case. If things aren’t working properly you’ll get an alert in the Home app on your iPhone. You’ll find it on the main homepage, identified by a circle with an exclamation point inside and Wi-Fi Network underneath. Tap on this alert and you’ll see more information.

The chances are it’ll be telling you that your HomePod is registered to a different network compared to your iPhone. Assuming the text highlighted in orange contains the correct network, simply tap on it and your HomePod will be migrated across.

That’s all there is to it. Assuming you always ensure to move your iPhone across first there shouldn’t be any issues. But if your HomePod still hasn’t connected to the new network, at least it provides you with an easy fix.

    Apple HomePod Mini

    Apple’s HomePod Mini is small in size but big in sound and is a great partner to the Mac, iPhone and iPad.

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