How ‘Outer Wilds’ Developers Mobius Digital Made Space Physics Fun

Filled with stunning spacescapes and trippy concepts, Outer Wilds, a 2019 game by Mobius Digital, became a fan favorite that earned “game of the year” accolades from many publications.  

The open-world adventure takes place in a solar system filled with ancient artifacts and dangerous extraterrestrial environments, with the occasionally friendly campfire for comfort.  With fans eager to spend more time in the game’s mysterious and haunting universe, Mobius recently released an expansion to the game called “Echoes of the Eye.”

Alex Beachum and Loan Verneau, the creative director and game designer of Outer Wilds, stopped by Motherboard’s “Space Show” to talk more about the new addition, and the challenges inherent to approximating the wacky physics of outer space and turning them into something that’s fun to play.

“The math of it, I guess, isn’t that complicated, but the player experience obviously is,” said developer Alex Beachum. “We had to go in and do a bunch of stuff to make that easier for people.”

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