How many layers of copyright infringement are in Emily Ratajkowski’s new NFT?

An image of Emily Ratajkowski in front of a painting by Richard Prince, which includes a photo of Ratajkowski.
Emily Ratajkowski’s artwork is being sold as an NFT. | Image: Emily Ratajkowski

Model and actress Emily Ratajkowski is selling a link representing a composite image that features a photograph of herself in front of a print by another artist that contains a photo (of herself) taken by (presumably) yet another artist. In other words, she is selling an NFT.

The New York Times reports that Ratajkowski will be selling the NFT at Christie’s, the storied auction house that sold Beeple’s NFT for $69 million in March. The NFT is, for Ratajkowski, an effort to reclaim images of herself that have been created and sold, sometimes without her permission, throughout her career. Last year, Ratajkowski published an essay in The Cut describing moments when she was unable to control often vulnerable images of herself.

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