Hot Brass Review (PC)

My SWAT operative has a solid knowledge of all but two of the rooms in a motel complex, complete with clear locations for potential bad guys, some of them clearly armed. Under-the-door cameras are that good. But the mission is to locate and non-lethally take down their leader, who is probably in one of the two spaces that I have not yet mapped, mainly because there are lookouts that can warn him I am coming. I abandon my sneaky approach to sprint towards one of them, all the way shouting police warnings. As I shackle this acolyte he warns his boss, who tries to flee. After a chase across a parking lot and a flashbang that misses its target, he manages to leave the level. I already have a better plan to take him down next time.

Hot Brass is a top-down action title created by Walk with Kings and published by Treasure Hunters Fanclub. Players become a SWAT agent that has to deal with a variety of threats, minimizing casualties while making sure the bad guys are taken c… (read more)

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