Hitman 3 Mission Walkthrough: Dartmoor (Death In The Family)

Dartmoor, Death In The Family, is one of the more interesting Hitman levels because it involves solving a murder mystery. Your target, Alexa Carlisle, has faked her death, so a fake funeral is being arranged at the family manor, but another family member was found dead in his room the night before. The real death was made to look like a suicide, but Alexa suspects foul play. Solving this mystery is fascinating and part of the mission’s challenges, but it also lets you take care of your real objectives–including locating the case file–in the process.

One of the Mission Stories leads you through the whole investigation but doesn’t spell everything out for you. In addition, our guide will look at the other Mission Stories to help you in case you need pointers or get stuck. For more on the game, be sure to check out our Hitman 3 guide hub for walkthroughs on every mission and tips on how to complete special assassination challenges.

Means, Motive, And Opportunity

This one covers the murder mystery and it’s the best one to start with for first-time playthroughs of this mission. The investigator will start at the gates near you, and you’ll need to take his place to uncover the mystery yourself. Tail him by taking the side path on the right through tall grass up until you reach the manor. Stay out of guards’ sights by continuing to stick to the right of the investigator’s path and hop through an open window at the front right of the manor. You’ll be in a hallway right of the main foyer. The investigator will eventually walk through here alone, and this is your best opportunity to knock him out and steal his disguise. You can hide his body in a nearby closet in this hallway.

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