Hitman 3 Mission Walkthrough: Chongqing (End Of An Era)

Some big things are about to happen in Chongqing for the fourth mission in Hitman 3. The pouring rain, bright neon lights, and high-tech human experimentation going on really give this one a heavy cyberpunk vibe. You have two targets: Imogen Royce and Hush. Both can be assassinated in fascinating ways where you turn their impressive tech against them, which you can do through the Mission Stories.

As per usual, one Mission Story lets you take care of both your objectives in one fell swoop, while the other two are conceptually satisfying. Mission Stories will lead you to opportunities, but often leave you to figure the rest out; we’ll guide you through both if you’re having trouble with that. For more on the game, be sure to check out our Hitman 3 guide hub for walkthroughs on every mission and tips on how to complete special assassination challenges.

Impulse Control

This Mission Story is to hit the target named Hush, who runs human experiments and uses homeless people to do so. The first step is to eavesdrop on a group of homeless people marked on your UI. Grab the crowbar near them, as this will come in handy later. One of them will begin walking off on his own, and you should follow him to find an opportunity to knock him out and steal his outfit. People will show up sporadically along the path so be careful. He also drops a flyer for the Future Progress Initiative, which gives you a location hint for where Hush is posted up.

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