Hitman 3 Adds More Wild Assassinations, Including One With A Full Murder Mystery

The first mission of Hitman 3, set in Dubai, feels like it could have been lifted from a movie. In fact, it would be right at home in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, as it starts with Agent 47 dropping onto a towering skyscraper, slipping in through a window, and donning a debonair disguise to infiltrate a party full of rich revelers. All that’s missing is Ving Rhames.

For its third game, Hitman 3 isn’t changing the formula that made the first two titles so much fun. Each of its missions is a huge, clockwork-like contraption of various characters wandering here and there, which can be disrupted through often-weird, novel killing methods. Since Hitman 3 allows you to pull in the missions from 2016’s Hitman and 2018’s Hitman 2 (just like you could merge the first two games), the foundation is familiar. But it does feel like IO Interactive is amping up the inventiveness of the how, where, and whys of its assassinations.

The Dubai mission stands out for its spectacle–you’ll spend some time climbing around the outside of the skyscraper and venturing through its huge glass atriums–as well as its level design. The place is mostly vertical, with large areas that are open to the public and tighter back hallways frequented only by security and wait staff. A lot of the challenge of the level is in finding your way around, figuring out how to physically get in position to take on the level’s pair of heavily guarded targets. Sure, you might be able to see them at the party, but how can you get to them in a way that’ll allow you to escape unseen in the end?

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