Here is the purple iPhone 12, which is purple

A purple iPhone 12
A purple iPhone 12

Apple managed to surprise us during its live stream event earlier this week by announcing a new iPhone. Well, a new color for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini: purple. Apple sent one to us along with some sample AirTags and so we have duly taken some photos of this, a purple iPhone 12.

It’s a lightish shade of purple. One might be tempted to call it lavender, but to me it’s a bit more like a lilac or maybe a wisteria. It lacks the redness you’d expect in a mauve or the blue tones you’d see in a violet. There are many shades of purple, but this one is what Apple went with and I like it. It’s unmistakable even at a distance, whereas the light green iPhone 12 models could be mistaken for off-white in certain light. I am also glad it doesn’t…

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