Hammerting Review (PC)

Can a small clan of dwarves conquer the depth of a massive mountain? Should they focus on granite pillars to make money? Are they able to farm in the depths or should they rely on trade for some food? A good mix of exploration, character management, resource extraction, crafting, and trading is required to have any chance to achieve the lofty goals of the clan you control in Hammerting.

The game was developed by Warpzone Studios and is published by Team 17, on the PC via Steam and the Epic Store. It mixes management and survival elements with a focus on the fate of a mountain clan of dwarves.

The narrative is focused on the mysterious mountains of Mara, with the world procedurally generated for each playthrough. A group of three is first to enter the space each time and the player needs to carefully handle their needs and find ways to grow the clan and its power.

As the name of the mountain suggests this is a world greatly inspired by Tolkien, with other races eng… (read more)

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