Halo: The Master Chief Collection Will Have A “New Place And Way To Play” Soon

Having already released on Xbox and PC, it appears 343 Industries is bringing Halo: The Master Chief Collection to a new … place.

The studio said in a forum post that a future beta test, or flight, will bring the compilation package to a “new place and way to play.” That’s all the studio had to say, and the studio also tempered its statement by saying that MCC would “maybe” release in this new place, so there is very little to go on and all of it seems indefinite.

The phrase “new place and way to play” could mean a lot of things, potentially including a new online store or even a new platform. MCC is already available on PC through the Windows Store and Steam, but perhaps 343 is teasing a release on yet another digital store. If it’s a new platform altogether, that would potentially be even more exciting when you consider the possibilities.

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