Halo-Branded Pringles That Taste Like An Extinct Bird From Halo: Reach Have Arrived

Microsoft’s marketing machine for Halo Infinite is kicking into gear, as the company has now announced a partnership with Pringles.

Limited-edition cans of Halo-branded cans with the “Moa Burger” flavor are now available to buy only at Walmart. “Our latest shipments from Reach have arrived, so be sure to grab them while you can,” Microsoft said in a tweet. According to the image from the tweet, these Pringles are the “wavy” version instead of the classic option.

The “Moa Burger” is a reference to an in-game ad from Halo: Reach. Restaurants in the game’s universe made burgers out of the flightless birds that call Reach home. Now you can eat them in chip form, and we can only imagine what they might taste like.

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