Guacamelee Devs’ Next Title Is An Action-RPG Where You Can Be A Rat, A Necromancer, A Zombie, And A Robot

Nobody Saves The World really hit its stride the first time my character, currently a birthday magician, unleashed a swarm of cute white bunnies to ravage his enemies.

Just partway into my 30-minute hands-on demo for Drinkbox Studios’ new game, I had used a magic wand imbued with shape-shifting power to transform from a blank, dumpy, plain white cartoon character into a somewhat dodgy magician better suited to entertaining children than crawling dungeons. Chief among the magician’s abilities is summoning rabbits–you know, like out of a hat–to fight on my behalf. But since my magician abilities were somewhat untrustworthy, occasionally the rabbit I pulled out of the hat would be something else, like a giant, much more intimidating white tiger.

The short look at Nobody Saves The World took me through two of its procedurally generated dungeons, trying out three of the “forms,” or classes, you can unlock as you play. Like Drinkbox’s Guacamelee! games before it, Nobody Saves The World is a goofy, humorous take on an assortment of inspirations. This time, Drinkbox turns its sights on the action-RPG genre with a top-down dungeon crawler that feels like it takes pages from games like The Legend of Zelda and Diablo. Your job is mostly to fight your way through dungeons, collecting magic crystals, as you fight a gross gooey infection called the Calamity that grips your world, filling it with monsters.

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