GTA Online Update: Here’s Everything New This Week

It’s a new week, and that means Rockstar’s enduringly popular GTA Online has received another update that brings with it a new car, various sales, and opportunities to earn extra cash and RP. Rockstar announced all the details on its website, and we’re rounding up everything you need to know.

New Car:

Starting with the new car, the BF Weevil is now available in GTA Online. “Whether you’re using it to move your cult up into the foothills of the Tataviam Mountains or schlepping your red-eyed pals down to a party at Vespucci Beach, the Weevil can help get you there,” Rockstar said.

The BF Weevil
The BF Weevil

Extra XP

Everyone who takes part in the battle royale mode Motor Wars this week will earn triple GTA$ and RP. Like Fortnite and Warzone, Motor Wars sees teams parachuting onto a map and duking it out to become the last team standing. It’s called Motor Wars because there are armed vehicles on the map that teams can command to try to get the upper hand against their opponents.

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