GTA Online Bets Big This Week With Triple Rewards At The Casino

This week’s GTA Online update is all about taking a gamble. The Diamond casino has several gigs lined up and is rumored to have some valuable loot stored inside of its vault. All this and more was detailed in a new Rockstar blog post, which you can read the highlights of below.

Triple Rewards On Casino Work And Rumors Of Diamonds In The Vault

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If you’re ready to ignore the Blackjack table, Agatha Baker has several Casino Work missions to be done around Los Santos. Fend off mercenaries, chauffeur VIPs, and get your hands dirty doing various gigs for The Diamond Casino to earn triple the usual rate on cash and reputation points rewards until April 28.

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Or if you’re tired of the house always winning, there’s a chance to score big when a rumored cache of diamonds makes its way to the inside of the casino vault. It’ll require some scouting, but the payday could be well worth the risk.

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