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Gordian Quest Review (PC)

Alphonse is ready to deliver a very powerful strike, after having leveled up his critical stat two times. That will deal with one of the angry skeletons in front of my party, with Lucius loading up on guard cards to tank the attacks coming from the other three. Meanwhile, Catherin will launch her own strike, which will combo with a nearby spearman to bring down a big enemy archer. When the opponent’s reinforcements arrive, there will be just four of them on the field to deal with the next turn, which should be easy as long as the right cards pop up in my character’s hands.

Gordian Quest is developed by Mixed Realms and Swag Soft Holdings, with publishing handled by Mixed Realms and Coconut Island Games. This is a pretty traditional take on the card-based, tactics role-playing space, with a focus on balance and challenge.

The game features a pretty D&D-inspired single-player campaign, split into four acts, that tells the story of a world under threat and the heroes … (read more)

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