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Google’s Pixel Watch Likely to Feature USB-C Charger

Google is finally making a smartwatch, and while the company only said that the device is going to see the daylight later this year, the community out there is continuously scanning the web for additional information about this highly anticipated product.

This time, 9to5Google has come across FCC listings that reveal three model numbers, namely GQF4C, GBZ4S, and GWT9R. Of course, these don’t necessarily reveal a lot of information at first glance, but upon further inspection, it’s been discovered that one of these models could come with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, whereas the other two might feature LTE as well.

More interesting is that the Pixel Watch could require a USB-C charger.

Of course, this wouldn’t be the case for the end that connects to the watch, as the device will rely on a magnetic puck similar to the one already being used by other devices, including the Apple Watch.

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