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Google’s new Fast Pair audio switching will debut with the Pixel Buds Pro

Google announced several new features for Bluetooth-enabled audio devices this January. At the time, the company highlighted features like multipoint audio switching, Spatial Audio, and audio-only Chromecast support, but it did not release the features to supported devices. Now that the company is gearing up to bring its flagship TWS earbuds, the Pixel Buds Pro, to the market, it has confirmed that the new multipoint audio switching feature will debut with the new earbuds.

In a recent blog post, Google revealed that the new audio switching feature builds on top of the existing Fast Pair feature found on several Bluetooth-enabled audio devices. It uses contextual information on what you’re listening to in order to switch the audio based on your actions.

The company further explained that, unlike regular Bluetooth multipoint audio switching, its new audio switching feature utilizes various ranked categories “to determine how to prioritize sounds between phone calls, media and all of the sound your devices may make. So for example, if you’re watching a video on your tablet and you receive a notification on your phone, your headphone audio will not switch to your phone. But if you receive a phone call, your headphone audio will make the switch.”

Since users prioritize these actions differently, Google’s audio switching feature will give users full control of the experience with a notification. The notification will give users the option to switch the audio back to the original device with a single tap.

As mentioned earlier, the new audio switching feature will roll out with the Pixel Buds Pro. But it will not be limited to Google’s flagship TWS earbuds. The company says that it will also be rolling out to select Sony and JBL headphones in the coming weeks. Note that Google’s audio switching feature will only work when switching between Android devices initially. However, the company plans to expand support to more platforms and devices in the future.

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