Google Wallet app is here to replace your physical wallet & ‘Google Pay’

At its I/O developer conference today, Google finally announced the much-awaited application, the Google Wallet. This Android and Wear OS app will allow you to store things like digital IDs, credit cards, vaccination cards, transit passes, and loyalty cards among other things. The company is essentially trying to replace your physical wallet. And — here’s the kicker — this new Google Wallet app will also replace the old Google Pay app in some regions. That’s right, Google has officially confirmed that Google Pay will soon become the new Google Wallet app in regions outside the United States, Singapore, and India.

The idea behind the Google Wallet app is pretty straightforward — replace your physical wallet with a digital one that stays inside your phone. This means it’ll become a place to store all your IDs, credit and debit cards, airline boarding passes, and more. Google is also integrating its Wallet app with other services like Google Maps. For instance, adding your transit card to Wallet will trigger Google Maps to show your card and balance automatically when you search for directions.

Storing digital IDs is a bit more complicated than it sounds, though. We talked a bit more about Google’s efforts to help you store identity cards using Identity Credential API in Android 11. There are a lot of security implications that need to be figured out, but it seems that Google is confident that it can do it right.

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