Google Translate Now Syncs History Across Devices

Google Translate is right now one of the most popular translation services out there, and the mobile apps obviously have millions of downloads both on iPhone and Android.

But more often than not, people out there use Google Translate on more than just one device, in which case having the translation history with them is quite difficult.

Just imagine you translate words or phrases on your PC and then want to use the same translations while on the go on your mobile devices.

The Mountain View-based search giant knows this has long been a major shortcoming for Google Translate users, so beginning this month, the company is offering sync support for the entire history. In other words, the Google Translate history can roam across devices, as long as a Google account is used.

Available today on all supported devices

Interestingly, the only way to prevent the syncing across devices from happening is to just sign out, in which case you’ll only see the on… (read more)

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