Google sends Apple a direct message about iMessage at IO

It’s no secret that Apple tends to stick to its proprietary solutions when it comes to its hardware and software. For example, the company still includes the Lightning port on all of the iPhones it puts out. In the meantime, most smartphone manufacturers have already switched to USB Type-C ports. It’s a universal charger that works across countless brands and devices — making everyone’s lives easier. Another example is Apple not adopting Rich Communication Services (RCS). Right now, iPhone users have two options in the Messages app. They either send iMessages to other Apple device owners or fall back on the ancient and outdated SMS when iMessage is unavailable. Meanwhile, Google has adopted RCS in its Messages app — allowing Android users to take advantage of the protocol, regardless of their phone brands. Google has now (once again) thrown shade at Apple for resisting RCS during its I/O 2022’s main keynote.

We hope that every mobile operating system gets the message, and upgrades to RCS. So your messages are private, no matter what device you’re using.

You’ve probably heard about the whole Blue/Green Bubbles drama that occurs in some social circles. When a number of iPhone users add an Android phone owner to their group chat, the iMessage group turns into a regular SMS one. This disables the advanced messaging features included in Apple’s service. That’s not to mention that certain Android users get bullied for the Green Bubbles they send to iPhone users. As a result, Google has asked the companies which haven’t adopted RCS yet to bridge this gap and spare users from needing to depend on SMS. After all, RCS is private, free, and supports richer features — such as high quality media, read receipts, and much more.

Google mentioned during its keynote that right now there are more than 500 million active RCS users across the globe. With the protocol gaining more popularity, we hope to see the Cupertino tech giant baking it into iOS 16. Ultimately, Apple could lose potential and existing customers if it offers a convenient alternative to iMessage. Whether the company lightens its grip and stops being so Apple-y (for once) is yet to be seen.

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