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Google reportedly working on tap-to-transfer feature for media in Android 13

Android 12L hasn’t been officially released yet, but that isn’t stopping Google from working on the next major release, Android 13 (which is internally codenamed “Tiramisu”). We’ve already covered some of the features currently in the works for Android 13, but now details are public about another possible change — a “tap to transfer” feature for media playback.

Android Police has shared a supposed Google UI demo mockup for a new feature in Android 13, labelled as a “Media TTT” workflow — the “TTT” part is for “tap to transfer.” The screenshots show off a small message at the top of the display, which reads “Move closer to play on DEMO” in one image, and “Playing on DEMO” on the other. The latter popup also has an Undo button, presumably in case you accidentally walk close to a speaker and don’t want your music to start playing on it.

Screenshot of a media app with a "Move closer to play on DEMO" popup
Screenshot of a media app with a popup that reads "Playing on DEMO", and the popup has an Undo button

There aren’t any other details available besides what you see in the above screenshots. The functionality might work similarly to the ‘Hand off audio’ feature on Apple’s HomePod smart speakers, which allows you to hold an iPhone or iPod Touch close to a HomePod to set the speaker as the output. That feature uses a combination of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, but it’s not clear what mechanism Google will use if this functionality actually makes it into Android 13. Google could add this to the Chromecast functionality in Android, or bring it to standard Bluetooth wireless audio, or both. It’s unclear what technology this feature will use to share files.

Assuming a similar schedule as previous years, Android 13 will likely start rolling out in the fall of this year, with developer previews and beta releases in the coming months. Android 12L is supposed to arrive sometime before the end of Q1 2022, which can be anytime from now until March 31. Android 12 is still slowly rolling out to phones and tablets — Sony just started updating its devices, for example.

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