Google Ordered to Reveal Identity of User Who Posted a Negative Review Online

Search giant Google must reveal the identity of a user who posted a negative review on a teeth-whitening business page, according to an Australian court order.

Dentist Matthew Kabbabe says an Internet user who goes by the name of “CBsm 23” posted a negative review on his Google page, and given the search company refused to remove the comments, he’s now trying to launch a defamatory case against the disgruntled customer.

But to do so, he first needs to obtain the personal details from Google, with the US-based tech giant now being required to share information like names, phone numbers, IP addresses, and location metadata, according to a report from ABC.

Dr. Kabbabe’s lawyer, Mark Stanarevic, explains the negative review caused losses worth thousands of dollars.

“Sometimes people just look at one or two bad reviews and decide to go somewher… (read more)

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