Google Fined for the Way It Displayed Hotel Ratings in France

Google received a fine of 1.1 million Euros for the way it displayed hotel ratings in France as part of its search engine results page and Google Maps.

More specifically, Google used its very own hotel rating system in France, providing such information right on the search results page and in Google Maps whenever users looked for accommodation in a specific region.

However, French authorities are using a standardized rating system that’s being employed all over the country and which everybody must use in order to provide customers with accurate information on the facilities they would get from a hotel.

So technically, by not using the local and mandatory rating system, Google simply sidestepped this regulation, sticking with its very own algorithm that obviously provided some hotels with different scores than the ones indicated by French organizations.

Google has already revised its hotel rating system in France

The country’s consumer and compet… (read more)

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