Google Chrome Is Moving the Default Navigation to HTTPS

Google continues the migration to HTTPS, and the company this week announced that Google Chrome would default to this protocol whenever the user does not provide a complete link in the address bar.

So theoretically, if you’re in a rush and just type the domain name without actually mentioning whether you want to use HTTP or HTTPS, Google Chrome would just use the latter as the default option going forward. At this point, Google Chrome uses HTTP by default.

The change will happen in Google Chrome 90, the search giant announced.

“Starting in version 90, Chrome’s address bar will use https:// by default, improving privacy and even loading speed for users visiting websites that support HTTPS. Chrome users who navigate to websites by manually typing a URL often don’t include “http://” or “https://”. For example, users often type “” instead of “” in the address bar. In this case, if it was a user’s first visit to a website, Chrome would pre… (read more)

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