Google Announces Unified Google Drive App for All Users

Google wants to streamline the suite of apps that allows users to keep their files in sync, so the company will reconsider its offering to provide everybody with just one application aimed at all computers.

In other words, a new app called Google Drive for desktop will replace Google Drive – Drive File Stream and Backup for Sync, all with the purpose of bundling all their capabilities for one very straightforward approach regardless of account type.

The change will come into effect later this year, and Google says it’s working on making the transition as smooth as possible.

Change happening later this year for everybody

“In the coming months, we’ll make some changes to the solutions we offer to access Google Drive files and keep them in sync on your desktop. There is no immediate action required, but we suggest familiarizing yourself with the changes and plans described below.  Currently, we have two sync solutions available—Drive File Stream, wh… (read more)

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