Google Announces Major Google Chrome Performance Improvements

Google Chrome 89, which is now available on all supported platforms, comes with substantial performance improvements, according to Google itself.

The search giant explains that it used PartitionAlloc, the company’s very own memory allocator, to allow for low allocation latency, space efficiency, and security, eventually obtaining a memory improvement of up to 22 percent in the browser process on Windows.

When it comes to the renderer, the memory saving reaches 8 percent, while the GPU benefits from a boot of up to 3 percent. Overall, Google Chrome 89 comes with improved browser responsiveness by up to 9 percent, Google explains.

“In addition to improving how we allocate memory, Chrome is now smarter about using (and discarding) memory. Chrome now reclaims up to 100MiB per tab, which is more than 20% on some popular sites, by discarding memory that the foreground tab is not actively using, such as big images you’ve scrolled off screen. Chrome is also shrinking its … (read more)

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