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Golfie Preview (PC)

I want one of the emeralds, but that means wasting at least one shot before making it to the hole. And I don’t really have the cards to make the push to the island the target is on. I search for a potential better angle of approach, but nothing seems to fit. So, I boost my ball twice and aim squarely for the green around the hole. I then need just one small push to win this round of golf in just three shots.

Golfie is developed by Triheart Studio and published by Yogscast Games. The game is now in Early Access on Steam, with the two companies saying that it will be launched fully in about nine months. The title mixes mini-golf, rogue, and card mechanics.

There’s no story in the game, with the player becoming a powerful entity that seems condemned to only interact with the world using cards and the ability to strike a gold ball. The tone of Golfie is chipper and bright and works well with its mechanics.

Speaking of which, the game is ambitious when it comes to mixi… (read more)

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