Golf Club: Wasteland Review (PC)

A twelve-stroke limit does exist in the real world, so this gold game is clearly pushing the limits of the rules of the sport. But, then again, golfing today does not involve a massive statue, a big crane, and easily scarred seagulls. I need to carefully consider my path to the hole and the best way to stay under the limit, factoring in two or maybe three misses. My first attempt at a long shot doesn’t land in a good place. I might find it actually difficult to reach that hole in under twelve strokes.

Golf Club: Wasteland was put together by Demagog Studio and published by Untold Tales. I played it on the PC using Steam, but it is also available on the Nintendo Switch, the PlayStation 4, and the Xbox One. The game doesn’t focus on the sport from its title but mixes genres and ideas in cool ways.

The story is focused on one lone former inhabitant of Earth, who has survived a massive apocalypse that forced all the rich people to board rockets and move to Mars. They l… (read more)

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