Godzilla Vs. Kong Director On Why There Is No Post-Credits Scene And What He Would Do With A Sequel

Many blockbuster movies end with a post-credits teaser that sets up something to come in the future. Godzilla vs. Kong, which premieres in the US today, doesn’t have one, and the director has now explained why. Adam Wingard also touched on what he hopes to achieve with a sequel, should he get the opportunity to make one.

Speaking to Deadline, Wingard said he actually filmed a post-credits scene for Godzilla vs. Kong but instead of putting it at the end, the scenes he filmed were changed and placed at an earlier part of the movie for budget reasons. Viewers probably won’t even notice the scenes were originally meant to be a post-credits stinger, the director said.

“Truth is, during our main production we actually shot a post-credit scene. But we got to a point with the edit of the movie where we realized the movie ended at a certain point, but it wasn’t the right ending,” he said. “It didn’t tie up all the loose ends in a satisfying right way. We weren’t budgeted to shoot anything else. I had this ah-ha moment where I realized we have this post credit scene and if we tweak it and give it a slightly different context, we can use all the same footage.”

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