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Gmail gets a new look and tighter intergration to celebrate 18 years of service

No one could have imagined how big Google would be in 2022. The company has its hands in nearly everything and provides services to consumers and businesses. While many other Google services easily trump Gmail in scale, it still can be considered one of its tentpole offerings, with nearly 2 billion users. Since its inception in 2004, the service has grown quite a bit, evolving from a simple email service with 1GB of storage to something more fully featured with enhanced tools, making life easier when composing emails. With its latest update, Gmail will offer the best of Google Workspace and look much more modern thanks to its new look.

As digital communication has become more complex over the years, Google has done its best to create and provide tools to make communicating much more accessible. While it did tease the feature earlier in the year, Google will now take these tools and make them all readily available in Gmail. Users can also access Chat, Spaces, and Meet directly from the sidebar. To take advantage of this new view, users will have to enable Chat to see the unified view. Of course, if having all the apps visible isn’t your thing, you can always customize the look using Quick Settings.

The new UI based on Google’s Material Design 3 will roll out to users over the coming weeks, but those that want to keep the current default look will be able to do so. In addition, Gmail will continue to be as powerful as it has been, giving users a wide variety of tools like Search Chips, Smart Compose, and more. Finally, Google aims to bring a better experience to tablet users sometime later this year. So again, keep a look out for the new interface rolling out to Gmail sometime in the next few weeks.

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