Glorious’ new featherweight mouse lets you pick the shape of its side buttons

Glorious Model I in white

Enlarge / Glorious Model I mouse. (credit: Glorious)

On Wednesday, PC peripherals maker Glorious released a lightweight mouse with a magnetic trick up its sleeve.

Gamers and workers alike can take advantage of the large array of customizable buttons on Glorious’ Model I mouse. Using Glorious’ software, you can program the mouse’s nine buttons to perform a variety of tasks, including macros and keyboard inputs. But the company is taking customization a bit further by making two of the mouse’s four side buttons magnetically detachable.

According to a blog post from Glorious this week, the two buttons use a peg-and-hole system for alignment, and you can pry them off the mouse with your fingernail or a “plastic tool.” Once the buttons are removed, you can swap them out for ones with different shapes. In addition to the button covers on the mouse, the Model I comes with two differently shaped button covers for each of the two replaceable buttons. You can also get rid of either of the side buttons by covering them up with the included flat port covers. As someone who struggles to avoid pressing side buttons accidentally, I can see this coming in handy.

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