Get This Incredible Attack On Titan Manga Bundle For Just $20 For A Limited Time

It’s both an exciting and depressing period for Attack on Titan fans right now. Season 4 of the acclaimed anime is airing now, with one highly anticipated episode airing this Sunday, and Chapter 136 of the manga is releasing in a matter of days. On the flip side, the manga is soon coming to an end–we now know that the final chapter will be Chapter 139 releasing April 9, with the final volume releasing two months later on June 9. While it’s sad to anticipate the end of this incredible story that began over a decade ago, there’s still plenty to look forward to for AoT fans, and if you’re looking for more AoT content to fill your days, a new bundle at Humble offers a big batch of digital content for a great price. Plus, your money will go to a great cause.

Humble Bundle is known for its cheap game bundles, but the charity-focused digital store has recently teamed up with publisher Kodansha to offer a new bundle that’s all about Attack on Titan. The Attack on Titan: Final Season bundle offers literally everything you need to get caught up before watching Season 4, including Volumes 1-26 and several spinoffs that are considered canon, including the Lost Girls manga, the No Regrets manga, and Before the Fall light novels. Volumes 1-26 will cover the entirety of Seasons 1-3 of the anime, with Volume 26 ending about where the anime is right now.

As with most Humble bundles, there are multiple tiers that unlock more content the more you pay, and you can unlock the entire batch of AoT content for just $20. Of course, you can elect to pay more as well. The bundle supports two charities: the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and Doctors Without Borders. You can choose exactly where your money goes between the two charities, Kodansha Comics, and Humble Bundle itself. Here’s an overview of everything you’ll get in the Attack on Titan: Final Season bundle:

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