Get Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC for $44 in Green Man Gaming’s Black Friday sale


PC players waited a year for Red Dead Redemption 2 to come to PC. If you decided to wait another month, you can now get Rockstar’s open world epic Western for 26% off at Green Man Gaming in their Black Friday sale. If you’re in the US, that’s $44.15, or £40.17 in the UK. You’ll have to use it on Rockstar’s own game launcher rather than with an existing client like Steam, but it’s way below the $59.99 Rockstar charges for it directly. 

That’s enough game to last you for the next few months. And this discount has come at just the right time: this week, Rockstar patched RDR2 on PC to remove most of its outstanding technical issues. This is the only version of the game that supports frame rates above 30fps. If you’ve got the hardware, that is.

Next up, get excellent Obsidian RPG The Outer Worlds on PC for $40.49. Note it has to be redeemed on the Epic Games Store, if you’re waiting for a Steam release after the exclusivity period has ended (you can also play it on Game Pass for PC, FYI). 

The other highlight from the Green Man Gaming sale is Borderlands 3, although this again is the Epic Games Store version, in case you wanted to wait until the Steam release next September. 

Check out the rest of the Black Friday deals over at Green Man Gaming, and see if anything else looks like a winner. 

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