Garmin Smartwatch Helps Detect COVID-19 Early

In theory, smartwatches out there should easily take your temperature with a dedicated sensor, and it goes without saying such capabilities would have definitely come in handy during these crazy times.

On the other hand, it’s pretty clear the new coronavirus has caught the industry unprepared for a pandemic, and while some smartwatches do come with sensors able to measure the skin temperature, their implementation leaves a lot to be desired.

The living proof in this regard is none other than Fitbit Sense, the recently launched smartwatch capable of such measurements, only that it does the whole thing during the night, and it doesn’t provide you with an actual value. What the Sense does is to determine a baseline for each individual and only then issue an alert if it notices a value that exceeds it.

Garmin smartwatches, on the other hand, integrate a sensor that can take… (read more)

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