Garmin Launches the Fenix 6 Series, Including a Solar-Powered Edition

Garmin announced the launch of the fēnix 6 collection, which consists of the fēnix 6, fēnix 6S, fēnix 6X, and fēnix 6X Pro Solar.

The fēnix series is known for its rugged look and feel, not to mention the large selection of features that would make any other company envious. If you add the insane battery life that these watches usually employ, which can go past 20 days, it’s easy to see why people might be thrilled when new versions are made available.

Although, if we take a look at the current line up in the fēnix 6 series, we might be tempted to say that there isn’t too much room for improvement. People already gave access to topographic maps and all kinds of cool toys, so you go to wonder what could they possibly add? It turns out that the answer is quite a lot.

New models are filling some gaps

The news models are fēnix 6, fēnix 6S, fēnix 6X, and fēnix 6X Pro Solar. The 6 and 6X versions come with a slightly bigger screen while retaining the s… (read more)

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