GameSpot After Dark Ep. 79: Mass Affection

This week on GameSpot After Dark, the crew gets together to talk all things Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Lucy and Tamoor run down everything they know from their behind-closed-doors access, and Kallie and Jake ask the hard questions (and some softballs).

Jake gets into the weeds with Rust, a game Tamoor evidently despises and which seems to bring out the worst in people. Lucy gives her impressions of The Medium–spoiler chat out now!–and we discuss the annoying, but perhaps necessary, trope of protagonists who talk to themselves about obvious things. Kallie goes on and on about Stephen King and shakes her proverbial fist at the sky for her mean high school English teacher.

Tamoor also gets very passionate about Persona 5 Royal’s worst palace, in his opinion, now that he’s playing the game for the third time. Kallie nods along because she hasn’t gotten to that one yet. We still think P5R is an absolute banger, but come on, you can see how some of that stuff would be a drag the third time around, right?

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