GameSpot After Dark Ep. 78: Seize The Memes Of Production

This week on GameSpot After Dark, Jake, Kallie, and Michael are joined by the incredibly talented Jessica Howard, managing editor of Uppercut, for a conversation that really runs the gamut. We talk about why Ichiban from Yakuza: Like a Dragon might very well be the best protagonist ever; Jess and Kallie discover that they both haven’t played Hitman or Alan Wake for the same hard-to-explain reason; and, of course, we tackle GameStop’s stocks.

Michael gives a spirited breakdown of what short-selling means and what’s going on with the (sigh) stonks. We should probably note that we’re not exactly finance experts, but we did a lot of research, and also we don’t really care for billionaires.

Kallie also gives an update on Animal Crossing: New Horizons, including her latest in-game achievement and the forthcoming Festivale event. Does anyone still care about Animal Crossing besides her? Who knows.

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