Galactic Civilizations IV Review (PC)

I colonize a solid world, after spending time targeting the required tech and money rushing production of the colony ship. But I failed to secure a leader for it and now I need to transfer one from the minister pool or re-shuffle policy and use resources to boost my monetary gain so I can hire another. Two other civilizations are around, looking for weaknesses, so I need some military investment. If I gain a scientific edge, I might be able to placate one with some careful trading. My civilization also needs constructors for extra resources, more ships, and colonies. There’s never enough to go around and prioritizing is hard.

Galactic Civilizations IV is developed and published by Stardock. It is, for the moment, offered only on the Epic Games store on the PC. This is a pretty traditional take on the space-based turn-focused strategy experience, with a few new concepts and extra options to work with.

There are 18 pre-built races to try and dominate the galaxy with,… (read more)

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