Fortnite: Where To Forage Bouncy Eggs

Fortnite Spring Breakout has sprung. In addition to the return of the Egg Launcher and some new Shop items, this week’s limited-time Legendary Quest asks players to forage Bouncy Eggs across the island. Here’s where to find these new consumable Bouncy Eggs if you’re having trouble.

Forage Bouncy Eggs in Fortnite

Bouncy Eggs are a new consumable item usually found below trees, the same way you’ll find apple trees around the island. Though they can spawn virtually anywhere, we’ve had a great success rate finding four of them that spawn in a particular spot on the map. Drop in on the cliffs to the east of Coral Castle and look for the palm trees. Usually, though not always, there are several Bouncy Eggs lying there.

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To properly forage them, you must either gather them or consume them. When eaten, they’ll give you 5 Shields each and allow you the same low-gravity jumping ability as a Hop Flopper fish for a limited time.

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