Fortnite Vaults Flint-Knock And Briefly Brings Back The Machine Pistol

A new Fortnite hotfix has vaulted one weapon and unvaulted another, as well as removing the Machine Pistol, which seems to have been mistakenly released into the Unvaulted LTM. The update shelved the popular Flint-Knock Pistol, but brings back the Hand Cannon in its place.

First introduced in March 2019, the Flint-Knock was reintroduced in a February 16 patch, enjoying just one week back in the game before being vaulted again. The newly returning Hand Cannon is even older, returning from its initial run in February 2018. The weapon changes were announced in a tweet, along with an upcoming LTM called Comeback Squads. The new mode is a high risk, high reward situation, where your loot gets better every time you die, but you only have limited lives to spend.

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