Fortnite Turns Stonks Meme Guy Into Diamond Hanz Skin For April Fools’ Day

If 2021 has been defined by a handful of memes already, then the bull rush of GameStop’s stocks earlier this year spearheaded many of them. So much so that Epic Games is adding the popular “Stonks Guy” to Fortnite, which you can purchase right now.

The Diamond Hanz outfit pack (a play on the diamond hands slogan used by many WallStreetBets posters) is available now in Fortnite for 1200 V-bucks. The pack includes the crash test dummy-like character dressed in a suit and kitted out with shiny blue diamond hands. There’s also an orange arrow included, which you can use to celebrate your killstreak going to the moon or something.

The outfit is only going to be live for the next few hours, so if you want in on Epic Games’ April Fool’s gag for this year then you better act fast. Many other games studios and publishers are getting in on the fun today, including Remedy which produced a full demake of its hit shooter, Control. You can find a roundup of all the best jokes here.

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