Fortnite Predator Guide: Where To Find Beef Boss, Remedy, And Dummy

New Predator challenges have come to Fortnite with the most recent update. Players will need to complete them in order to unlock the intergalactic hunter. One challenge will send you to three different locations across the map in order to talk to different NPCs. The challenge is to talk with Beef Boss, Remedy, and Dummy.

These challenges just dropped this morning, so completing them will be hectic. This guide will show the best way to find all three NPCs and complete the challenge quickly.

Where Can I Find Beef Boss, Remedy, and Dummy?

Beef Boss, Remedy, and Dummy are all located right next to the Stealthy Stronghold where you find the mysterious pod. They each have multiple spawn points on the map–but it appears those have been tweaked so they always show up around the same area so players can complete these challenges. Here’s a map with their specific location.

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