Fortnite Guide: Investigate An Anomaly In Lazy Lake

Anomalies are back for Fortnite Season 6 and this time solving their puzzles will grant players new costumes for Agent Jones, the level 1 Battle Pass reward. These Anomalies will continue throughout the season as players unlock new Battle Pass levels at their own pace, but we’ve got the details for the first one for you right here.

You’ll unlock the Lazy Lake Anomaly puzzle when you get to Battle Pass level 14, which also happens to be when you unlock Lara Croft. With her comes this Anomaly puzzle, so head into Battle Royale or Team Rumble and drop into Lazy Lake.

The specific house you’re aiming for is shown below. It’s a blue house on the north side of the named location, sitting next to an odd-shaped yellow house to the right of the lake itself.

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