Former Overwatch MVP Sinatra Suspended From Valorant Following Sexual Assault Allegations

Valorant pro esports player Jay “Sinatra” Won has been suspended from the competitive game and his team, the Sentinels, following an investigation into sexual assault allegations.

Cleo Hernandez posted a 10-page document about her and Won’s nine-month relationship. In the lengthy statement, Hernandez detailed a relationship filled with “months of up and down fighting,” instances of Won gaslighting and laughing at her, and other forms of physical and emotional abuse. Hernandez went in-depth about specifics and explicits in her statement, sharing text exchanges between her and Won, screenshots of DMs, and harrowing memories.

“I have avoided talking about any aspects of me and Jay’s relationship for over a year,” Hernandez wrote at the top of the post. “I never spoke about it mostly because this is horrifying and also because I’ve seen the way women in our community are treated when they try to talk about being hurt by prominent figures. I know he will use his platform and his fame to try and take me down and say this isn’t true because that’s who he is.”

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