Footage Of Canceled Castlevania Game Shows Up On YouTube

Video footage of a canceled Castlevania game has emerged in the wild for the first time. An anonymous collector posted a YouTube video that exhibits what appears to be a pre-E3 demo for Castlevania Resurrection, a Dreamcast entry in the series that never actually came out.

The footage shows a handful of different areas that the player accesses from a debug menu, all of which are very much in the decrepit castle milieu that the series is known for. It’s difficult to tell exactly how the demo plays because the player is controlling it with one hand, presumably holding the camera with their other. However, it very much resembles the early 3D games in the series, particularly Castlevania (N64).

The Dreamcast game Castlevania: Resurrection was canceled back in 2000. It was intended to be a sequel to the Game Boy entry Castlevania Legends, which would have continued the story of that game’s protagonist Sonia Belmont. What we know of Castlevania: Resurrection is based almost entirely on interviews with Greg Orduyan, the art director for the canned game.

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